About Us

Jason Stemple was introduced to Kiawah Island in 2005, and began
shooting on the Island as a freelance photographer several hundred days
a year. He explored the Island from the mud flats and dunes of Captain
Sam’s Inlet to the Ocean Course and beaches beyond. He shot from
helicopters, boats and canoes, often with pluff mud-covered boots or
sandy bare feet. Beginning at sunrise each day, he studied the habits of
the birds and wildlife of Kiawah.

Jason’s dedication paid off in a treasure trove of images including over 150
bird species, a wide variety of animals and an immense array of landscapes
from Kiawah’s diverse habitats – the very best of which are featured here.

Karen Bacot began her relationship with Kiawah Island in 1992 as a
freelance graphic designer for Kiawah Island Legends magazine. She
joined Kiawah Development Partners shortly thereafter, serving in
many roles over an era of 15 years — as Creative Director and Director
of Marketing for KDP, as well as Executive Editor and Design Director for
Legends magazine. In her quest to record and depict the Island’s bountiful
wildlife, she contracted a young nature photographer to shoot homes for
sale and Kiawah Island Club events, suggesting that he shoot what he
loved best between routine assignments. Jason Stemple took the bait
like a night heron to menhaden.

As a matter of fact, he went wild. Jason set his “office hours” to the tide
tables and Atlantic Flyway migration patterns, shooting from sunup to sundown.
What happens when you approach work with such passion and perseverance?
A Bird’s Eye View of Kiawah is a chronicle of Jason’s discoveries.


To see more of Jason’s photography please visit jasonstemple.com.