Enjoy Kiawah Island from A Bird's Eye View

Award winning photographer Jason Stemple and author-designer Karen Bacot collaborate to bring you this treasure trove of favorite Kiawah moments. A Birds' Eye View of Kiawah depicts the Island from the surf, on the wing, from the links, from the marsh, and into the wild.

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On the Wing

Wildwood thickets. Whispering Grasses. Undulating estuaries. There's no better vantage than a bird's eye view.

From the Links

Birdies and eagles. Fairest of fairways. Verdant greens. The lure of Kiawah's linksland.

From the Marsh

Ebb and flow. Highs and lows. Twists and turns. The current events of Kiawah's marshlands.

Into the Wild

Born free. A first class menagerie. As far as the eye can see. The wonder of Kiawah's wildlife.

From the mighty murmuring mystical seas | And the wave-lashed leas | Look upward where the white gull screams | What does it see that we do not see? -- Oscar Wilde